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All Slots Casino is the number 1 choice for players from Canada, and this is thanks to the first-rate gambling experience we are able to offer you at any time of the night or day. No matter where you are, if you are in the mood to win, we invite you to spend some time with us!

All Slots Casino Canada has a huge catalogue of great games for you to enjoy. Some of these will be those that you are familiar with, others you may never have played. Some are very simple, and others are a little more complex, but we’ve got you covered. We have game tutorials available that will teach you how they all work, and you can have fun playing whatever you want, whenever you want!

Place Your Baccarat Bet

You need to bet on which hand will make it to a point total of 9, either the Banker or the Player. There is a 3rd option as well, the Tie. Brace yourself and get betting now!

Beat the Dealer with Blackjack

The cards 2 through 10 are taken at face-value, and Kings, Queens, and Jacks are 10 points each. The Aces are special, and can be either 1, or 11, whichever will get you closer to a point total of 21 without going over.

Carve Out a Win with Casino War

The player who has the higher-valued face-up card will take them all, adding them to their stack. Whoever gets the most cards by the end of the game wins!

Roll the Craps Dice and Win Big

The Player rolling the dice in a Craps game is called the Shooter. Bets are placed on the roll of the dice by everyone, and the Shooter will keep on throwing the dice until a 7 is rolled at the wrong time.

Keep Calm and Play Keno

Keno has a lot in common with Lottery games, and relies totally on luck. You will select a series of numbers and hope as many as possible match those drawn by the Random Number Generator that governs the game.

Up the Ante with Poker

There are a number of variations of Poker games available here at All Slots Canada Casino, but the rules remain very similar. In Texas Hold’em, all the players will be dealt 2 face-down cards, and these are called the Hole cards. A round of betting then takes place, with your options being to Check, Bet, or Fold. This is known as the pre-flop.

Rake in the Winnings with Roulette

Roulette is the quintessential casino game, and a big favourite here at All Slots Casino Canada. You will be placing bets on what pocket of the Roulette wheel the ball will end up in. Place your chips on the number, from 1 to 36, colour, either red or black, or sets of options you are interested in.

Amazing All Slots Casino Canada 24/7

Besides those already mentioned you can find out about Scratch Cards, Sic Bo, slots, and Video Poker when you browse our casino games tutorials. Find a new favourite game, and unlock the unrivalled entertainment All Slots Casino Canada has to offer!