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Top 5 Inspirational Startup Businesses

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Today’s business market is all about innovation, with new companies cropping up all over the place to address the demands of the modern world. But with high demands for funding, dedication, and perseverance, it’s an impressive feat to start a business that sticks. Every business starts somewhere though, and some of Canada’s biggest online casinos, like All Slots Casino, had humble beginnings before they became household names. Being an entrepreneur is always a gamble but coming out on top is a winning feeling if there ever was one.


Today you can find new businesses including everything from highly technical solutions to back-to-basics niche offerings, making it more challenging than ever to get your startup past the starting stage. A business can start with a million-dollar investment, but if there aren’t ideas to back up the funding, it’s likely to fold—like nine out of ten startups do. You don’t have to start a millionaire, though. Here are five big-name companies that started from the bottom and came out on top.

1. Starbucks

It’s hard to imagine that Starbucks went from being a small-time company to a go-to meeting spot. The coffee giant itself had humble beginnings; it was started by two teachers and a writer in Seattle back in the 1970s. They brought their ideas to the founder of Peet’s Coffee & Tea and partnered up with him for their supply.

Since then, Starbucks has perpetuated the idea of the coffee shop as a gathering place, and they’re now widely recognized worldwide, with over 17,000 stores in 55 countries. It probably didn’t hurt that they always had plenty of coffee on hand to fuel their creative thinking.

2. Cards Against Humanity

If you like playing card games outside the casino, you may have come across Cards Against Humanity, a self-proclaimed “party game for horrible people”. You can win this party-pleasing game if you know what your friends will find funny—because the most hilarious (or hilariously twisted) pair of cards wins. Cards Against Humanity actually got its start from Kickstarter funding, and quickly rocketed in popularity and made over $12 million in its first year.

It’s no surprise that Cards Against Humanity has been helped by their sense of humor—they’re known for ridiculous marketing stunts and coming out with supplement card packs that play to trends and keep collectors coming back for more. They’re a great example of how adding a little fun to your business can keep things fresh.

 3. Craigslist

Whether you’re looking for a vintage table, trying to sell your old guitar, or trying to track down a missed connection, Craigslist can be a great resource, and that’s why it’s been around for almost as long as the internet itself. Their pared-down site and basic setup are proof that they started back in the dot-com boom, and have been going strong ever sense.

Craigslist has been successful for keeping it simple. They still only have a small number of employees and focus more on the content of their website and the service they provide than on superficial appearances or marketing. That’s how they’ve secured their place in the market and made hundreds of millions of dollars along the way.

It all starts with an ideaSource: Unsplash

 4. Wayfair

If you’re starting from nothing in an empty house and want to make it look great, Wayfair might be where you start looking for decor. The company itself started from nothing, too, and they were profitable from the very beginning.

Wayfair, which sells furniture and home décor, initially focused more on coming out on top in internet searches than on marketing, by using innovative online strategies. That was a groundbreaking idea back in 2002, when businesses weren’t focused on SEO, keywords, and online marketing quite yet. It’s proof that staying ahead of trends is a key to success.

5. GoFundMe

If you’ve ever looked into starting a business, you’ve surely heard of GoFundMe. The company itself started from nothing, using their novel crowdfunding idea to move from a simple website to a more than half a million-dollar service that’s used for everything from startups to charities.

No matter what type of business you want to start, you’ll probably find that it doesn’t all come down to luck. A successful business takes careful planning and dedication. So, while it may be best to keep your gambling to the online casino, putting in the hours on your business plan could mean your next jackpot comes from a million-dollar idea for the next big startup.

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