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5 Must-Have Tech Accessories Under $20


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Today, the world is awash with hundreds and hundreds of gadgets and as they become available, so do accessories. The accessories that have been produced enhance or complement the functionality of the main product.

For example, if you have a computer, a phone and a printer, the three items should work in lockstep, ensuring you have a seamless experience thanks to additional accessories such as a USB cable, a mouse, USB ports and so on.  Sometimes these accessories can be expensive and one item can over the three-digit range.

If you are looking for functional accessories that are way cheaper, (for $20 or less) then you’ll find this post useful.

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Locking Kitimage courtesy of Amazon

Lock Port

This accessory retails for only $19.52. It serves to protect your laptop or desktop from being stolen or moved. You can either use a key or a set of numbers to unlock it.

USB Hubimage courtesy of Amazon

USB with multiple ports

Unlike most ports that only read cards, this accessory can read both micro and regular SD cards, plus it has three USB 3.0 ports.  Although most laptops have built-in card readers, they are sometimes inconveniently placed. Getting this USB hub will keep everything within arms-reach and it’s only $19.00

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Wireless Mouse image courtesy of Amazon

Wireless Mouse + Keyboard ($9.89 and $17.99 respectively)

Wireless or Bluetooth? Surprisingly, Bluetooth mice and keyboards are quite expensive. The wireless mouse and keyboard frees you from having lots of cables on your desk. It’s also great for group presentations as both the keyboard and mouse complement each other and can be moved around the room in case there are multiple presenters. The keyboard is light, has a solid battery life and works well with any desktop or laptop.

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Portable Batteryimage courtesy of Amazon

Portable Battery

When the mobile phone was invented, you could just call and receive messages. Today, the cellphone can do almost anything – from taking pictures, videos, watch movies, listen to audio clips…and the list goes on. Due to all these functionalities, its easy for the battery to die from time to time. Although the smartphone’s battery life has been improved, smartphones still require power especially on those emergency moments. That’s where the Jackery Bar External battery comes in. It retails for $16.99 and it comes with two USB ports allowing you to charge two gadgets simultaneously.

Surge Protector

Surge Protectorimage courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the most important must-have gadget. Without a doubt , you’d want to protect your expensive gadgets as you charge them. Since there is no way of knowing of when a power surge will happen, this accessory will prevent you from frying your items thus putting your mind at ease.

It comes with 12 outlets and can power several gadgets and saves your items every time there’s a power surge.