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Can Artificial Intelligence Tell You How Long Your Love Will Last?

Can AI unlock the mysteries of the heart?Source: Pexels

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now used in many walks of life. The cost of both the implementation and application of AI is steadily falling. Accordingly, AI is becoming more accessible for smaller companies and even start-up enterprises. Therefore, it only takes the imagination of programmers to deploy it into new areas of human interactions.

For example, there are several areas in a casino where AI benefits businesspeople. AI can process the data of an entire client base within a few seconds, for instance. As a result, AI can easily predict the behaviour of certain gamblers, such as informing you of which player(s) might abandon their current game. What is most impressive is that AI will identify these players and offer them such bonuses, thereby encouraging them to stay.

Think of the possibilities if similar ways of utilising AI could be applied to personal relationships. Surely, even the most sophisticated AI algorithm cannot help people with their most intimate relationships and affairs of the heart? That’s simply not so according to the latest research.

Predicting the Length of Time a Relationship Has

AI has been used for the first time recently to try and work out how solid, or otherwise, the relationships are between a number of couples. Researchers have published their findings which was reported all over the world. This is because what they discovered was quite remarkable. It appears from the 134-couple study that AI can tell whether your relationship will make it or not. What’s more, the researchers think that their AI algorithms are so accurate that the system will be able to tell how much longer you have got to go with your partner before you split.

The study was based on recordings of interviews between couples who had been given some problems to solve during sessions which also included discussions about their lives together. AI was then deployed to predict how long each couple would remain together. Since the researchers had the necessary data on which couples had split and when this had occurred, they were able to work out how well their system was at predicting the future. It turned out to be amazingly accurate.

Understanding Tone of Voice

Although the interviews that were used in the study featured both visual information from video recordings as well as audio, the researchers chose to spend most of their time working on algorithms that focussed on tone of voice. It appears that in matters of love, it is how we speak to our partners, not necessarily what is said, that is the most revealing predictor of how stable a relationship is. Perhaps we all have unconscious ‘tells’ in our voices that AI can determine when we cannot?

Bear in mind that the process did not simply listen to obvious signs, like shouting or raised voices. Importantly, the AI focussed on the interplay of the conversations it was exposed to. This included who spoke when and how long each of the partners spoke as well as the basic sound of their voices. Perhaps counter-intuitively, the research programme revealed that it didn’t really matter what was being said. By only paying attention to speech patterns and the sound of what was said, the system was able to forecast which couples would stay together.