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Canada’s most beautiful places you need to see

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We all know several beautiful places in Canada, though which ones are the top spots? Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing places we can visit in Canada.

Nahanni National Park reserve, Northwest Territories

As most of you will anticipate, the beautiful nature which Canada has on offer will take up most of this list. And Nahanni National Park is no exception. This spectacular park which encompasses enormous waterfalls, limestone caves, rugged canyons an hot springs will keep every nature lover entertained. The name comes from the powerful Nahanni river which runs through the park for more than 500 kilometers. Visitors come over here to enjoy the rafting and canoeing, but also to look for the abundant wildlife like the black bears, wolves and caribou.

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Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

This small harbor town in Canada is one of the prettiest around, and the only UNESCO World Heritage site in the region. It were the British that settled over here but the town was further developed by German, Swiss and French Protestants. Many of the buildings in Lunenburg date back to the 18th and 19th century but are still looking beautiful thanks to the good care of the locals. These buildings are known for their ‘Lunenburg Bump’, a detailed 2nd floor dormer window that hangs over the 1st floor. Also the pastel colors are very distinctive. And how can we forget to talk about the seafood which can be found everywhere. Lobster anyone?

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Lake Louise, Alberta

Probably one of the most photographed and best known lakes in the Northern Hemisphere. With its turquoise waters which are surrounded by some amazing mountains and the stunning Victoria Glacier, Lake Louise is truly a remarkable place. The Chateau Lake Louise hotel, which is adjacent to the lake is almost as famous as the lake itself. It is, like some other famous hotels in Canada, modeled after French and Scottish castles. In winter times, the Lake Louise Mountain Resort is Canada’s largest ski area, while in summer it boosts the most rewarding hiking trails.

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Did you visit all of these amazing places already? Or are they still on your bucket list? Do you think there are other places which are even more beautiful? Let us know.