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Stop Fake Reviews In Their Tracks

Learn to spot fakes.Source: Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

In today’s world, online reviews are more important than ever. When you’re looking at a product online or considering working with a business you found on the Internet, it makes sense that you would want to know what other people think. This is especially true for online casino games. Before you put money into an online casino, you want to make sure that you have good information about their payouts, the quality of their platform, and what games they provide.

Even though reviews can be useful, you should still be careful believing everything you read on the internet. As any business owner knows, a bad review can have a big impact on a business’s reputation, especially when they’re not quite established yet. Here are some tips on how to combat bad and fake reviews, and how to deal with them when they happen.

How can you spot a fake review?

Many fake reviews are very convincing, so the first step is to figure out how to pick them out. As a general rule, according to research by, you should look for any review that’s over the top in either direction. They might also be written by unestablished reviewers with strange usernames, no picture, and no information about them.

You may also spot a fake review based on factual errors—like if someone claims they bought something from your business that you don’t even sell, or if you have no record of ever having worked with them.

Where do fake reviews come from?

Many times, business owners will find that bad reviews make no sense. They might come from someone you’ve never interacted with before, which can be frustrating. It could be the competition trying to make you look bad or just a weird bot.

One good way to combat fake reviews is to use a platform that moderates them. Many websites prioritize verified purchase reviews to be sure that someone actually bought the product they’re reviewing, which can cut back on the number of fake reviews. You can also make sure that you’re aware of any reviews that are posted about your business by keeping an eye on alerts from Google, Yelp, or TripAdvisor to see what people are saying about you and act appropriately when necessary.

Always ask customers to leave reviews.Source: Blake Wisz on Unsplash

What do you do about it?

First of all, don’t delete a bad review. The whole point of reviews is to get honest feedback from customers. However, if you know that a review is spam, you usually have an option to report it, such as through Facebook or Google.

The best thing to do is to respond to the review and show that you take customer service seriously. Offer an apology and see if you can do anything to make it right. Even if it is a fake review, other potential customers will see that you took the initiative to help, which shows your dedication. You should also make sure to respond quickly, so that you can put the fire out before it spreads.

It’s also important to learn from honest feedback, and to demonstrate this to your customers. If several negative reviews focus on the same thing, make sure you act on it and update your customers when it’s fixed.

How do you deal with the aftermath?

If you’re around long enough, you’ll almost definitely have some bad reviews eventually, whether they’re real or fake. If you’re unable to get obvious spam reviews removed, or if you have a problem with frequent bad reviews, it becomes all the more important to balance them out with good reviews.

Many people reading reviews will just look at the average overall rating and top reviews, so as long as you’re also getting consistent positive feedback, a few negative reviews here and there aren’t the end of the world. It helps to encourage customers to leave reviews very soon after they used your service or bought your product. You can send a follow-up email or include a reminder with the product delivery to nudge customers to leave reviews. If you’re able, ask your customers face to face to leave a review, and stress how important it is to growing your business’s reputation.

What can you do as a consumer?

If you’re a customer or buyer, learn how to spot a fake review and don’t take one bad review out of a hundred as a deal breaker. You should also leave your own honest reviews whenever you can.