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5 Most Extreme Sports to Pump Your Adrenaline

a woman does the splits on a highline while crossing a steep canyonSource: Inside Edition

Whether you are a toned athlete or an avid spectator, you love how extreme sports get your heart throbbing in your chest. The more we get exposed to sports like skydiving and bull riding, the more we tend to seek out even greater adrenaline-surging adventures. Even though busted bones, paralysis, and death may be the consequence of pushing the extreme sport envelope, chasers of the thrill just cannot help themselves. For those of us who like to watch from the side lines, we can channel our need for white-knuckled excitement by playing on online slots at your favourite online casino in Canada.

Regardless of how you like to get your thrill on, here are five of the most extreme sports in the world.

Wingsuit Flying – If you have ever wanted to fly virtually unaided, wingsuit flying might be an option. Wingsuit flying allows you to soar with just the assistance of a special suit, making it the closest you can get to being a flighted creature.  Although the wingsuit was created in the early 20th century, the popularity of this sport has greatly increased with evolution of the suit’s technology.

Basically, the suit is designed in a way that makes the wearer resemble a flying squirrel. Wings alongside the body and between the legs have air pockets that give the pilot more lift, enabling slower falling and greater control as they glide downward. Most people who fly with a wingsuit launch themselves from a helicopter or a base. The most extreme wingsuit flyers hover dangerously close to mountain peaks and may soar in a controlled free fall through deep, cavernous ravines. At least 200 skydives are required for anyone to try this insane sport.

two people in wingsuits fly thousands of feet above the earth, with nothing but specially designed clothingSource: Wicked Wingsuits

Volcano Boarding – Volcano boarding or surfing is the uber-extreme version of snowboarding. Just like it sounds, you ride on a board down the sloping side of a hot, ashy volcano. Extreme sport lovers don special protective suits and goggles and climb aboard rickety plywood toboggans reinforced with steel and formica to cruise down the sides of active volcanos.

Recently invented in 2005 by Darryn Webb, the volcano boarding adventure begins as enthusiasts hike up the volcano to the peak. Dangerous and not for the faint of heart, those with mad skills stand on the board and surf down the slope towards the heart of the incinerating mountain.

The most popular spot for volcano boarding or surfing is at Cerro Negro in Western Nicaragua. The volcano last erupted in 1999 and has caused many surfing-related accidents in the past decade, but the location is still a hot spot for extreme sport lovers.

two people in protective suits and goggles fly down the side of a volcano on toboggans Source: Bigfoot Hostel and Volcano Boarding/Facebook

BASE Jumping – If living on the edge of life and death thrills you down to your atoms, BASE jumping might be a sport to try. Known as one of the most dangerous sports in the world, this extreme activity was made popular by filmmaker Carl Boenish in 1978. Boenish coined the term based on an acronym that stands for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth – all types of objects from which people plummet.

Similar to skydiving, the major difference is the height of the jump. By jumping off a fixed structure, the height is shorter compared to leaping out of a plane. This gives jumpers a much smaller window of time to deploy their parachute, contributing to a death rate one death per 2,317 jumps. This rate is staggering compared to the skydiving death rate of one in every 101,083 jumps.

a free solo climber dangles precariously from a cliff as he makes his way up a mountain faceSource: Jimmy Chin

Free Soloing – The neck-breaking stunts keep upping the ante. Imagine scaling a cliff face or boulder without any safety ropes, harnesses, protective gear, or supporting structures. This type of climbing is called “free soloing” and it is the ultimate in testing a climber’s strength, technical ability, and courage.

While climbing, athletes must maintain absolute perfect concentration to keep themselves from falling. One slip and a miscalculated grip of the toe could result in death. Climbers fully balance with just fingers and toes, slowly making their way to the top of peaks amid rough terrain, inclement weather, and cold, hard nature. The accident rate is about 2.5 accidents per 1000 climbers.

a BASE jumper in yellow gear leaps into a valley off a mountainside Source: Ken Fisher/Getty

Highlining – You are walking on a rope no wider than an inch across a canyon thousands of feet deep. One wrong move and you could fall to your death. You are highlining, which is an extreme version of rope or slackline walking. The tubular web rope stretches for 30 metres and as soon as you walk out a couple feet, you are a place of no return. You must continue the harrowing journey.

To complicate matters, you of course have no support beyond a safety harness that is attached to the rope. With the rope attached to a steel cable, the flexible line swings as you walk, adding to the challenge and, for many, the adventure.

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