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Home Styling Tips for Sports Fans

A classy sports themed roomSource: sndimg

We all have our favourite past time, and when it comes to watching sport what better place to do so than in a room themed and furnished for exactly that purpose? So, for those who can’t always make it to the live game, or would just prefer to stay home with mates, we’ve rounded up some styling ideas to create a room that’s almost as good as a ringside, courtside or field side seat.

Choosing a Theme

The most important consideration will be what theme you would like to use in the room. Your favourite sport would be the obvious choice, or you could use multiple themes by splitting the room into sections, or just mixing them together at random.

Every sports room needs to have a large television or better yet, a projector. Think home cinema combined with mega sports stadium. To really create that ‘at the game feeling’, painting a mural on the wall, where the television is mounted, or the projector will project, of the bleachers as you would see them if you were sitting a few rows up, can really add to the atmosphere. So, whether you are watching alone or with friends you will never be the only spectator. Add to this an excellent surround sound system and you are practically at the game.

You also need to consider the floor. Instead of plain tiles why not paint the floor to match that of your favourite sport? If that’s basketball, paint a basketball court floor, if its football, measure those yards out in the room. You can turn floor into any court or even a mini golf course if you like. That way while you are waiting for your game to start, you and your mates can play a quick couple of holes, or place some friendly bets on who can sink that mini three pointer.

Ultimate fan’s mancaveSource: i1

Put Up a Leader Board

The easiest and most visual way to keep track of your teams and your wagers is on a leaderboard, and it also creates an opportunity to bet on each other’s performance. Put it up in lights on one of the walls, and make it a highlight of the room. As an added feature, if you enjoy online casino games and are always comparing your results with your friends, create a leaderboard for this too – everyone loves a little healthy competition.

Comfortable Seating

An absolute must for any sports themed room is comfortable seating. If you can get your hands on an old baseball bench, that would make an awesome theme table to ensure ample space for the chips and drinks, but not comfortable enough for a full game. Some recliners or a decent couch are a must have, and ensure that if you can’t get your hands on that themed bench, you have plenty of side tables.

Even better, have some covers made for your seating with your favourite team or sports logo on the back to add to the theme.

Deluxe sports roomSource: rantsports

Create A Hall of Fame

Use all the memorabilia you have been collecting to create a hall – well, in this case – a wall of fame. Framing is an excellent way to give a sports room an extra dose of class and to protect your favourite sport themed items. Grab some frames and mount team shirts, baseball gloves, balls, or signed programmes on the wall. This way all your favourites are protected as well.

Remember to leave a space for Bettor Of The Month. Your mates will love having their mug displayed on your wall for everyone to admire.

Finishing Touches

A well-stocked bar fridge, which can be painted in your favourite team’s colours, plenty of snacks and some sport themed accessories, think football shaped cushions, and basketball lampshades, to pull the room together.

Now you and your mates can place your winning bets and sit back, relax, and see whether your team comes out on top in what will be the most envy-worthy sports room ever.