InstaDebit Casino Welcome Offer

InstaDebit – an ideal way for Canadian players to conduct their Online Casino Banking and to fund online slots or other online casino wagering. Use InstaDebit to deposit and withdraw casino funds at your online casino account. InstaDebit Casino Banking – the easy, convenient, and totally safe and secure way to play.

How InstaDebit Casino Banking Works

When you purchase casino credits with InstaDebit, it draws on the money in your existing bank account, just like writing a cheque. But, unlike a paper check, your InstaDebit electronic cheque arrives at its destination instantaneously. It can’t get lost in the mail, and you don’t have to wait for a cheque to clear.

To use InstaDebit, you first go to the Bank section of the online casino, find the InstaDebit logo, and click the Sign Up button. You then fill in the short online registration form with your name and pertinent ID information and register one or more bank accounts.

After that, you just have to click the Deposit button to transfer money, in whatever amount you desire, via InstaDebit into your online casino account. And remember, the money is coming from your regular bank account, so there is no need to “fund” your InstaDebit account. And it’s just as easy to use InstaDebit to withdraw money from your casino account back into your bank account.

Online InstaDebit Banking Is Totally Free

InstaDebit online banking is totally free to use. There is no registration fee, no deposit fee, no withdrawal fee, no fees of any kind whatsoever. Along with the ease of use and the state-of-the-art security, “no fees” is another great reason to use InstaDebit for your online casino deposits and withdrawals.

For more information, or to register with InstaDebit, please visit the InstaDebit website.

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