The Best Online Casino Bonuses

When you investigate a casino online, you’ll find most places will offer you an online casino bonus just for signing on. The online casinos want to make sure that you enjoy the experience, especially if you are a first time player at their establishment. That’s the major reason they give an online casino welcome bonus when you open your account. But remember, not every online casino is the same. Each has different rules governing their online casino bonus. So don’t forget to read and decide for yourself which online casino gaming option makes the most sense.

How an Online Casino Bonus Works

One of the most generous casino bonus programs is the New Player Welcome Package at All Slots Casino Canada. This package awards bonuses of 100% on your first deposit, 25% on your second deposit, 50% on your third deposit, and 25% on your fourth deposit. All in all, it means a bonus reward of up to 500 Loonies in your first week as a real-money player in the casino.

Another Type of Online Casino Bonus

Another type of online casino bonus is designed to appeal to returning gamers. This online casino bonus is usually a reward for those who spend a certain amount each month online. Once again, credits are transferred directly to your account and you can use these credits to place wagers. At All Slots, the credit is ten percent of the amount you deposit. High Rollers can get up to $450 in bonus credits every month, which can add up to a bonus of more than $5,000 a year.

Better than a Land-Based Casino Bonus

The online casino bonus is usually better than a land-based casino bonus. First, the credits are transferred as soon as you open an account and make a real-money deposit. Opening an account can be done in seconds, all from the comfort of the place of your choosing. Second, many land based casinos give out hotel rooms or restaurant meals as a bonus. Online casinos can’t offer those things, so they maximize the cash you can get as your casino bonus. Further, you do not have to do anything special to request the bonus. The online casino will give it to you automatically when you qualify. Once again, read the specific rules at the online casino where you are playing. There should be a tab that says bonus and will give you all the info you need.

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