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Canada’s Emerging eSports Scene

Dota 2 The International

Source: Wikimedia If you look at the eSports scenes in Europe, South Korea, the United States and Japan, then you can see some tremendously exciting prospects for professional video gaming. Of course, the inter-connected nature of the modern world means that eSports competitors can often take on one another in contests that exist in only the same virtual space, without them ever needing to meet up in person. In that regard, the virtual world of eSports is much like playing games at an online [Read more ...]

Canada’s Favourite Foods


Source: Farmers’ Almanac Canada’s culinary contributions go a lot further than maple syrup and poutine. From coast to coast you’ll find a range of unique, quirky, wholesome and rustic dishes that make the Canadian food scene pretty epic. There are tonnes of lip-smacking Canadian dishes out there and to help you on your quest, we’ve gathered a list of favourites that you simply must try. Poutine Crispy fries, squeaky cheese curds and rich gravy all combine to create Canada’s most [Read more ...]

Canada’s most beautiful places you need to see

Canada Lake louise

Credit: We all know several beautiful places in Canada, though which ones are the top spots? Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing places we can visit in Canada. Nahanni National Park reserve, Northwest Territories As most of you will anticipate, the beautiful nature which Canada has on offer will take up most of this list. And Nahanni National Park is no exception. This spectacular park which encompasses enormous waterfalls, limestone caves, rugged canyons an [Read more ...]

Phone apps you must have

Phone Apps

Credit: Most people spend a lot of their time on their phones, either chatting, catching up with the news, listening to music or capturing the moment with some snaps.The only reason people stayed glued to their screens for hours on end, is the thousands of amazing Apps to choose from that cater for different personalities and interests. The apps on this list are some popular ones, and some you might not know and you will hopefully find interesting. Tunein Radio Credit: [Read more ...]

Hunkiest Country Singers of all time

hottest cowboys on the country music

Country musicians can’t help but ooze good ol’ fashioned sex appeal. Decked out in snug jeans and cowboy hats, passionately pouring their hearts out, nimbly strumming their guitars — how can you not fall for them? Save a horse, ride a cowboy, indeed Here are the hottest cowboys (in no particular order) on the country music scene this year, a mix of fresh faces and fellas who’ve had a few rodeos under their belt. Now have a cold beer handy — things are about to heat [Read more ...]

Expensive gadgets only the rich can afford


Credit: Some things are not for everyone, not because you don’t like them, but because you simply can’t afford them. This list will show you some of the gadgets that ordinary people only dream of. One day when you are wealthy beyond measure, you will be able to spoil yourself to gadgets and plenty other things that you don’t really need and only money can buy.   Prophix toothbrush Credit: What is the use of being rich if you don’t have a [Read more ...]

5 Ways To Spend Your Canadian Summer Vacation

Enjoy your summer holidays in style in Canada.

With summer in full swing, many are looking forward taking vacation time to refresh and relax. Canada is full of interesting, exciting and enriching experiences for individuals and families alike. Our list of the 5 best ways to spend your summer holidays in Canada offers some of out favourite options. Tour the Great Lakes by boat The majesty of the Great Lakes of Canada is indescribable. With scenery that stuns even the most well travelled among visitors, Canada’s Great Lakes are a [Read more ...]

Canada Day 2017

Canada Day

Source: My Cariboo Now Ever wondered where Canada Day comes from and what it really means? In this post, we explore the origin of it and how best to celebrate it this year. The Birthday of Canada Canada Day is celebrated every year and marks the day when the Constitution Act the three provinces, Nova Scotia, Brunswick and Canada (Ontario and Quebec) into one unified Dominion on July 1, 1867. Interestingly, the holiday was originally called Dominion Day was only renamed in 1982 when Canada Act [Read more ...]