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Six Careers in Sports Every Fan Can Pursue

A career in sports is not limited to just athletes – even fans can have one.

Source: Pixabay Growing up, practically every one of us dreamt of a career in sports. Who amongst us was not enticed by the joy of playing a game we loved while earning the adulation of millions of fans? The sight of the likes of sprinting superstar Usain Bolt, ice hockey great Wayne Gretzky, poker and casino legend Phil Ivey, or tennis icon Serena Williams reaching the peak of physical and mental ability was perhaps the most awe-inspiring experience in the lives of many children. However, very [Read more ...]

5 Most Extreme Sports to Pump Your Adrenaline

a woman does the splits on a highline while crossing a steep canyon

Source: Inside Edition Whether you are a toned athlete or an avid spectator, you love how extreme sports get your heart throbbing in your chest. The more we get exposed to sports like skydiving and bull riding, the more we tend to seek out even greater adrenaline-surging adventures. Even though busted bones, paralysis, and death may be the consequence of pushing the extreme sport envelope, chasers of the thrill just cannot help themselves. For those of us who like to watch from the side lines, [Read more ...]

North American Sports Go Global

Basketball has kept us entertained for over 100 years

Source: Markus Spiske on Unsplash When it comes to sports, Canada has always been a real trend setter, and their neighbours down south are often game to follow suit. The world has Canada and the US to thank for a lot of its favourite sports, as they have innovated many of the games that are now played across the world. The latest game to boom in popularity in Canada is off the court though—online casinos have been enjoying great success, and some new legislation in the US means that they are [Read more ...]

Canada’s Emerging eSports Scene

Dota 2 The International

Source: Wikimedia If you look at the eSports scenes in Europe, South Korea, the United States and Japan, then you can see some tremendously exciting prospects for professional video gaming. Of course, the inter-connected nature of the modern world means that eSports competitors can often take on one another in contests that exist in only the same virtual space, without them ever needing to meet up in person. In that regard, the virtual world of eSports is much like playing games at an online [Read more ...]

The Rise of Professionalism In eSports

Gaming attracts large audiences these days.

Source: Watbe/Wikimedia Many commentators in video gaming technology now agree that the rise of electronic sports, or eSports, will mean that the industry reaches a multi-billion dollar level in the near future. This will put the professional video gaming sector into a similar category as some of the world’s most popular sports, such as soccer and American football. Understandably, the prize money, sponsorship deals and acclaim that surround today’s eSports competitions means that [Read more ...]

Sports Teams and Gambling Sponsorship

Gambling brands embrace sports sponsorship

Source: In case it wasn’t already obvious, advertising is based around pairs of eyes. Which is to say; advertising only really works when you can guarantee a certain number of eyes are going to see your branding. It makes sense.  But, the real question is; where can the most eyes be found, at any given time? Billboards are good, but not really where the real bang for your buck can be found. Instead, think of where millions of eyes are focused, for long periods of time. If [Read more ...]

Land Rover’s Range Rover Sport SVR Breaks Ferrari’s Tianmen Record

The road to a record

Source: autoevolution Is there an SUV out there that can beat a super car? Well, Land Rover has put its Range Rover Sport SVR to the ultimate test by racing it up one of the deadliest roads known to man. Located in China’s Hunan Province, the Tianmen Mountain Road scales a 1,519-metre mountain, is 7 miles long and has no less than 99 hairpin bends. A new unofficial record has been set by the Range Rover Sport SVR, beating the previous record set by a Ferrari 485 Italia. The SVR covered the [Read more ...]

Home Styling Tips for Sports Fans

A classy sports themed room

Source: sndimg We all have our favourite past time, and when it comes to watching sport what better place to do so than in a room themed and furnished for exactly that purpose? So, for those who can’t always make it to the live game, or would just prefer to stay home with mates, we’ve rounded up some styling ideas to create a room that’s almost as good as a ringside, courtside or field side seat. Choosing a Theme The most important consideration will be what theme you would like to use in [Read more ...]

Celebrity Sports Betting: Big Wagers On & By Star-Studded Celebs

Celebrity Sports Betting: Big Wagers On & By Star-Studded Celebs

Betting on sports can be intoxicating. Putting your hard-earned cash on a match or game adds another dimension to what are typically thrilling encounters. The trick is to find outlandish odds, wager the proverbial ‘shirt’… and win! We’ve all heard the stories about ordinary folk cashing in on a lucky bet. Canadian, Gino DiFelice hit the headlines when he banked $725 000 from a $5 wager on the Sea Hawks beating the Packers! But some of the biggest sports wagers in terms of bet size and [Read more ...]

Canada’s Top Sports Stars

Canada Top Sports Stars

Image Source: Aside from producing the most delicious maple syrup and icy cold weather, Canada is also famous for producing some of the world’s most talented sports stars. Here are some of the world’s leading sports athletes that you might not know were actually born and bred in Canada. Being naturally gifted does have its perks. Sporting legends usually command lucrative paychecks and lead extravagant lifestyles. Want to earn millions? Play on one of the [Read more ...]