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Here’s The 10 Best Tips For Casino Beginners

Poker nightSource: Photo by Michal Parzuchowski on Unplash

Online casinos and gaming can seem complicated, unknown or nerve-racking for someone new to it. Fear not, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.


For example, playing poker usually requires getting enough friends together to play a game or making a trip to your nearest land-based casino. Although playing poker online may seem intimidating at first, it does away with those requirements making it easier and more accessible.

To make sure you’re well prepared, we made a small ten rules guide for beginners that will help you get better faster. From knowing the odds of winning, to strategies and mindset to have, we cover the basics. Takes notes and happy gaming!

1. When at the casino, have fun!

The main thing to understand while gambling is to enjoy your time. Casinos are made to have fun and offer chances in the process of winning some money. Yes, there are strategies you can incorporate to maximize your chances of winning. But those aren’t as effective as pure enjoyment.

Plus, strategies can take time to master and won’t protect you from losing money in the beginning. You have to start by enjoying the process!  Then everything is set for you to be successful and perseverance even though you might have set back. Again, enjoy the ride.

2. Yes, you can win

It’s a common knowledge that the house always wins. While being accurate, it’s still possible to make some winning streak while going to the casino. To understand why it’s essential to know how casinos actually work. Casinos are business that put in place mathematical formula that ensure them to win in the long run. They don’t always win. But in the long term, they make a profit. The opportunity lies in having small breaks and not going for the long run against the house.

For example, having a system in place that tells you when to stop or continue is the right way to avoid the trap of winning and then losing all your gain overtime. Discipline and following simple principles will help you avoid losing too much.  And, of course, with a bit of luck who knows how much you can win.

3. Create your own luck!

Everyone knows of the saying, “the more you try, the luckier you get.” This is a universal principle among business people and athletes. Yes, luck plays a role in your success. But there’s a way to increase those lucky breaks if you follow specific rules that will minimize the odds against you.

There are also specifics games in which the advantage of the house is less than others. Poker is a good example. The fact that you’re playing against another player like you gives you equal odds. Plus, your skills might give you more edge as you get better. If you want to stick to a specific game, you might have better success than the average.

Having a system in place helps to beat the odds too. For example, if you play BlackJack, you should not play every hand you’ve been dealt with. Playing all your hands will definitely increase your win but also your losses. But, if you play only the best hand, you’ll end up better off in the end.

4. Curiosity is your ally

It always pays off to learn and know which game you’re about to play. Whether it’s an online casino game, Pai Gow Poker Progressive Jackpot or on a Blackjack table, know the rules and strategies to win. Do some research, try playing casually or for free before betting lots of money. After all, it only makes sense to know in advance what you’re against up to. No one would go to battle without knowing how to fight. The same applies to games.

Don’t forget to learn about the casino rules as well! If there is any law, regulations or culture to respect, it pays to know them beforehand. Ask people around, go to the casino’s website and forum to get to know the community. Some casino has different rules regarding betting habit or what you can do on a blackjack table, for example. And don’t hesitate to ask the dealer!

Be curious, learn to love the process of the game, and you’ll fare so much better. You’ll also have a lot of fun and maybe make more money than your friends. Enough perhaps to pay them a steak dinner!

Casino Roulette Source: Macau photo agencyi on Unplash

5. Casual and free money first

Before jumping right into the money game, see how it feels to play first. It’s relatively common to feel anxiety, excitement or a rush of adrenaline when playing a casino game, and those can affect your playing ability. If you’re stressed, you might make the wrong decision. If you’re too excited, you might over evaluate your chance and make a lousy bet.

Your level of comfort when playing those games matters a lot. Playing the game beforehand without money or online for free might give you a sense of what you should do with real money. You’ll also learn to play better and apply to the right strategy for when the time to play with real money comes.

6. Limit your budget!

As with anything else, you should always set a limit to the money you’re willing to spend on casino games. Your parents might have taught you how to save money or how to do some budget planning. The same applies to playing casino game. Set yourself a limit to which you’re comfortable spending money and stick to it. Playing game is about discipline more than luck.

Lastly, don’t borrow money to play casino games. Only spend your money and don’t go over your limit. This advice will save you a lot of headaches and trouble. Remember, the aim is to have fun and to be entertained.

7. Quit when you’re up!

Adding to what was previously said, when you made some money, stop playing! Remember what we said about creating your own luck? This advice is the perfect example.

It’s well known, in the long run, casinos always win. But If you manage to have a winning streak, don’t let the odds turn against you. Take your gains and stop playing. It’s straightforward, but yet challenging to do.

When you’re winning, your mind thinks it’s going to stay the same forever. This is at this point, you should have the discipline to quit and walk away before luck turns the other way around. At the end of the day, it’s a mathematical fact that in the long run, you risk losing more. To fall into this trap and beat the odds when you’re on a winning streak.

8. Discipline is key for casino games

Another critical lesson regarding discipline. When you lose money, don’t increase your bet to regain those lost. You will be tempted to get out of this situation as quickly as possible, but this is a wrong idea. In reality, you’ll most likely lose even more than recouping the losses.

One reason is that you’ll start playing recklessly and fall into a downward spiral. You’ll lose even more and faster than previously. Again, stick to your budget and control yourself when this happens. Luck isn’t on your side now. Continue your strategy and live to win another time.

Casino sign in Great Yarmouth, EnglandSource: Photo by Benjamin Lamberti on Unplash

9. Less drink, more win

Throughout this mini-guide, we talked strategy, discipline and mathematics. It’s well known that having too much drinks doesn’t help with the rest. To play a casino game, you need all your concentration and brainpower to get good results. Granted, one a two-drink won’t do any harm. In fact, you might enjoy even more your time at the casino.

But taking too much of them will surely get your performance to suffer. Don’t cloud your judgement, and you’ll stand better.

10. Leverage the incentives

Whether it be online or in a casino, incentives are available for new players. This could be in the form of free money, reduction on bank account fees, cashback, gifts, reload bonuses or free meals. Whatever it is, please take advantage of it.

A lot of times, it will cover your first expense as a beginner and can make you play games for free. When you start, you’ll likely lose some money due to learning the rules, lack of experience or even anxiety. Those perks will basically let you do that for free.

Another good reason is that it might pay for your accommodation or meals. When playing, you might forget to eat properly or to get rest. Remember, it’s essential to keep your head clear when playing money games. Instead of paying for a hotel, take what they give you!

That’s it! If you commit to following those tips, you’ll fare way better than any beginner and avoid costly mistakes. We wish you happy gambling, lots of fun and lots of luck!

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