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10 Industries To Bet On…And How

Watching stocks in the paperSource: Markus Spiske/Unsplash

You already know how to win money at online slots. But if you’re looking to switch things up and make some of your future wins in business, we’ve rounded up all you need to know about investing in the hottest industries during the new year. So practice that intuition you learned in the online casino and see if you’re lucky in business, too!

Types of investments

Investing in a business is always a bit tricky, since the market can be hard to predict and is often volatile. After all, if it was really easy, everyone would do it. But the same things that make you enjoy gambling could make you good at gaming the market—it takes strategy, patience, and a lucky streak to win. And, if you like to follow stocks and economic trends, investing can be a fun way to make your nest egg grow…you could even put some of your casino winnings to work there!

There are lots of types of investing, and lots of types of investments. Here are the main ones:

  • Shares: Being a shareholder is what we usually think of when we think of Wall Street-type investments. Shareholders buy a portion (a “share”) of a business, and the cost of these shares rises and falls based on the market. Shares are a riskier investment than some of the alternatives, but they can also have huge returns. They have a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time.
  • Property: You might already be investing in property without even thinking about it—owning a home in and of itself is an investment. If you buy a house when the market is favorable, then you may be able to sell it for a lot more later on. Like buying shares, this can be risky.
  • Cash investments: Money you hold in a high-interest account and term deposits can deliver regular income based on interest. This is like betting on red or black at the roulette table—it’s a pretty safe bet.
  • Bonds: Bonds have lower returns than shares, but they’re a cozier option for the risk averse. The concept is similar to shares: a company or government borrows money from an investor and pays back interest.

Investing can have great returns, but it’s not without its risks. When you’re investing, you should think about how high you want the stakes to be, and choose accordingly. Don’t forget that if you’re working with a lot of money, it’s always smart to get advice from a financial advisor.

You’ve also got to watch out for economic bubbles. They happen when a lot of investors think there’s a great opportunity to invest in. But, like a bubble—it pops. The best known example is probably the Dot-Com Bubble of the late 1990s, a result of the internet’s impact on investing. The US Housing bubble led to the Great Recession of 2008, when real estate prices skyrocketed until the point when the market destabilized and eventually crashed. More recently, the Bitcoin boom was considered an economic bubble, though it affected fewer buyers.

Betting on growth

If you’re investing in a company, you want to choose a company that is likely to have impressive growth. Just do your research and buy promising stocks at a lower price and watch as their value increases over the years as the business grows. The modern business landscape is full of startups that started from nothing and are now big players in the economy. After you buy, the key is just knowing when to cash in on your investment—but if you invest in the next Microsoft or Apple, the answer might be never.

Investing in startups can be risky, so play it smart by balancing riskier investments out with some shares in a big brand with a proven record—especially if they continuously acquire more companies or innovate their offerings. Big companies have their downfalls too, though. France has aimed new tax regulations at big tech companies, which could be a threat to their growth, especially if other countries follow suit.

If you want to bet on growth, here are some promising players in today’s market, and a snapshot of where they stand.

Technology and AI

It’s no surprise that technology is going to continue on the rise. 2019 saw a lot of advances in mobile technology, smart home tech, and AI—tech that’s all around us.

Cloud computing has been a big trend in data lately. It involves using remote servers hosted online to store data, getting rid of the need for large on-site servers and helping consumers access their data from anywhere. Cloud technology is used in everything from your iPhone to your files at the office, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Companies to look at include well-known tools like Salesforce and Dropbox, or countless smaller startups with custom solutions.

Smart home technology is also continuing on the rise, with a lot of the big consumer tech companies coming up with ways to integrate technology into our daily lives. If you want to know more about it, you can always ask Alexa.

Another big advancement has been in G5 technology. This has been a bit of a controversy in the tech world. Conflicts between the US and China, supposedly based on security questions, have led to the US blocking Chinese tech giant Huawei from accessing some Android technology as well as the development of 5G technologies. This could change the landscape of mobile phone production and possibly even lead to further conflict between US and Chinese mobile device producers.

Sustainable and Renewable Energy

Wind energySource: Jason Blackeye/Unsplash

According to IBISWorld, wind turbine installation had a 53.5% growth in revenue in from 2018 to 2019, predicting how important sustainable technology could be in coming years. As the world fights climate change, there’s more and more focus on replacing fossil fuels like oil and coal with more eco-friendly options.

Since renewable energy sources can’t get depleted, it’s an industry that could keep on growing in the future. Many large companies and countries, especially in Europe, are focusing on using more green power. So as these practices are adopted around the world, the sector will surely have to grow and innovate to keep up with increasing demand for clean energy. That means solar and biofuel companies could be a smart investment.


You bet right—the gaming industry is also on the rise. Everything from casino games to video games are looking good for 2020. While most of the younger millennial generation isn’t as into gambling as their parents’ generation, some advances in casino tech are drawing in more millennial players. Incorporating virtual reality and adventure games into the standard lineup may help casinos break into the market for this generation. Among millennials, online casinos are expected to be much more popular than on-land casinos, since they’re more convenient and accessible.

The gaming industry has also seen some regulations loosened in the past year, opening them up to more players around the world. The opposite may be true in China, though, where the popular professional gamer “blitzchung” had prize money rescinded after expressing support for Hong Kong in recent political protests. China has also taken action against members of the NBA and Apple for the same reason.

If you want to invest in video games, consider looking into crowdfunding to start out. You can find small startups that are a developer’s passion project, and funding the development usually means you get to play cool new games before anyone else.

Entertainment and Sports

VR gamingSource: JESHOOTS.COM /Unsplash

The entertainment sector as a whole is expected to grow next year, especially streaming television. Industry greats like Netflix have started producing their own series to great success, which could boost their performance even more. Other parts of the entertainment and media sector, including gaming and virtual reality, should also contribute to the growth.

This sector also includes sports and sports entertainment, which remains one of television’s biggest draws. If you love sports but didn’t realize your dreams of going pro, or if you are pursuing a career in sports, then investing in the this industry could be the right game for you. You don’t have to own a team to get a return on your investment—you also have the option of investing in a publicly traded sports company.


If you think back to the last time you made a purchase online, we’d be willing to bet it wasn’t too long ago. It’s no shock that had huge revenue in the last year, but some smaller retailers have promise, too. For example, the handmade and vintage goods online retailer Etsy is expected to grow 49% in the next three years. The trend toward more personalized gifts and unique fashion has likely influenced the popularity of sites like Etsy that cater to these buyers.


Bitcoin cryptocurrencySource: André François McKenzie/Unsplash

The finance sector is expected to grow by 1.6% this year, according to CNBC. A chunk of that growth can be traced back to cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, which have been a hot topic in investing in recent years.

If you’re a little confused about what Bitcoin actually is, and how you could make money from it, you’re not alone. Basically, Bitcoin is a way to send payments without using a bank or payment service. It’s a cryptocurrency created by computers, and people like it because it’s mostly anonymous and totally decentralized, meaning it’s not tied to any other currencies or a particular country’s bank. That means its exchange value can fluctuate, allowing investors to sell cryptocurrency for a higher price than they paid for it.

The fact that cryptocurrencies are fairly new and interesting makes them a popular choice for investment—though they are also volatile. You can buy Bitcoin through an exchange or marketplace, but you shouldn’t really expect to get an actual coin for your money. Bitcoins are actually represented with keys, which function a bit like an ID and password, and investors often buy only part of a coin.

Once you have your Bitcoin, think of it like investing in gold—except a bit riskier. When you invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you’re waiting for the market to swing in your favor so you can make a return on your investment. In the meantime, you can use your cryptocurrency to make purchases, including putting cash into many online casinos.

Transportation and Vehicles

We don’t quite have self-driving cars yet, but 2020 is sure to see some more advancements in transportation tech, which could be a hot investment opportunity. Everyone knows about the pressures of switching to cleaner and more sustainable energy for transportation, with companies like Tesla making big waves in the electric car industry. It doesn’t stop at cars, though.

In Europe, more focus has been put on decreasing the number of cars on the road ramping up innovation in public transportation and railways. The EU announced that it would invest more than 117 million Euros in railways to connect European cities, citing sustainability as one of the big drivers.

Real Estate

Invest in real estateSource: Breno Assis /Unsplash

Real estate is a classic investment, but the face of the industry is changing a bit. As the world moves more and more online, real estate has followed suit. Online mortgages are on the rise (IBISWorld reports 24.8% growth in 2018-2019) as people look for a more convenient way to take out a mortgage, which is a notoriously painful process.

If you want to invest in real estate, you can take some of your casino winnings to buy a new vacation home. Finding the right development project could bring in a lot of cash, too. Or, work on a smaller scale and invest in the home you already own. Any renovations you put into your home can increase its value when you sell, so you can make some money on your hard work.


Since most of the booming industries for the coming years will be centered in the online world, it makes sense that cybersecurity would be on the rise, too. With a lot of our information in the cloud and countless transactions being carried out online every day, cybersecurity is more important than ever.

It’s especially important for data and finance companies, who hold a lot of valuable information for their users. Cyberthieves and hackers have breached a number of databases for online companies, compromising customers’ information. According to World Finance, there were 4.7 million cybercrime cases in the UK in 2017. Any company that does transactions online can be vulnerable to attacks, so investing in cybersecurity is a smart move.

Since the cloud and online technology is always changing, cybersecurity companies are always innovating. Look for companies that might have the next Big Idea in the field.


Biotechnology is a pretty broad industry, which includes everything from genetic modification to crop strains for increased productions to the possibility of curing hereditary diseases. Surprisingly, biotechnology has been around for at least a hundred years, but as technology advances and its potential benefits are becoming apparent, it’s started to gain more notoriety.

The field is particularly interesting since it could lead to big steps in the medical field, helping people live longer lives. The market, according to World Finance, is expected to be worth over $700 billion in the next five years. If you want a slice of that cash to be yours, consider investing in a health- or agriculture-focused biotechnology company…it’s much easier than going back to school to be a scientist.

Invest in yourself

If you have some money to invest and have a lot of big ideas too, then you could always invest in yourself. Starting a business can be a great investment, because you’re not just buying a share of a promising business, you’re starting at the top! If you’re looking around at investment options and can’t find one that seems right, then think about something you think the world is missing and make it reality.

Starting a business is hard work, of course, but it can also be rewarding—personally and financially. When starting a business, you should know that it will take a lot of time and effort, making work-life balance more important than ever to keep your fresh ideas flowing. It’s comforting to know that you’ll always be able to unwind with your favorite casino game after a long day of hustle. Here’s to success, however you find it!


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