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The Global Takeover of Comic Cons

SpidermanSource : Pixabay

From mainstream comics like The Avengers to the more obscure Plastic Man to indie publishers like Dark Horse, all these treasures and more can be found at a comic con. You might be able to shake the hand of your favourite comic creators, get an autograph from a top voice actor, or dress up as your favourite character as part of the ever-popular cosplay aspect. If you like to play comic slot games at All Slots, then you will want to visit one of these seven great comic cons that have become part of the world domination of comics.

History of the Comic Con

Comic book conventions or comic cons are events where comic book fans get to totally nerd out as they look at and experience material, new and old, from their favourite comic universes. You’ll see creators, publishers, experts, other fans, top actors playing your favourite characters on screen, and amazing voice actors who bring those characters to life in animated series.

The first official comic book convention took place in 1964 in New York City. These early conventions were small, organized by local fans and featuring whichever industry guests their meagre budgets could afford.

Today, comic cons are used largely as a vehicle for the industry. Publishers, distributors, and retailers bring their comic merchandise, new books, and experiential products that fan the ravenous fandom.

Where many existing, recurring conventions began as just single-day events in small venues, many have grown to span two or three days or more. Also, where many got their start in church basements or union halls, now most take over convention centres and hotels in major cities, like San Diego or Tokyo. Modern comic conventions are big business for the comic industry, raking in big ticket sales from eager fans who love to surround themselves with pop and superhero culture. Many look forward to these cons all year, saving money and putting together elaborate costumes to make the most of these microcosms of geeky entertainment.

a large crowd takes in a panel at the New York Comic Con in ManhattanSource: NYCC

Top Seven Must-See Comic Cons in the World

As comics have spread to mainstream entertainment, so have comic cons migrated to the outer limits of the world in popularity. All around the globe you can experience comic cons in all their magnitude. This list of seven major global cons should get you started.

New York Comic Con, New York – Home of the very first con, the New York Comic Con (NYCC) is one of the largest in the world. The real draw, of course, is that it literally takes place in Gotham, Batman’s lurking grounds. NYCC practically takes over The Big Apple with its multiple stages spanning four days in early October. Big guests include comic leaders like Kevin Smith. Madison Square Garden also holds premiers for blockbuster films and debut shows, like The Walking Dead.

Comic Market, Tokyo – Also know as Comiket, Comic Market is held biannually in Tokyo. The summer event is the best, held in August. This market is full of manga, a fairly rare type of comic on the global stage. After you get your obscure manga, you can also visit Akihabara, which is the electronics and anime district of Tokyo.

MegaCon, Orlando – This con contends with Walt Disney World every year in May and succeeds. It brings more than 100,000 attendees every year for its four-day duration. The con is part of the Fan Expo HQ franchise and always brings an incredible, fan-pleasing roster. Just this past year (2019) guests included the Back to the Future cast (Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and Tom Wilson) and Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Billie Piper, among many more.

Fan Expo Canada, Toronto – As the site of films Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Suicide Squad, Toronto is already imbedded in contemporary comic lore. Building on this connection, the Fan Expo Canada is hosed every September. Major guest appearances have included Jason Mewes, Nathan Fillion, Anthony Daniels, and Kristen Kreuk.

Oz Comic Con, Australia – Follow the Yellow Brick Road to comic wonders at Oz Comic Con in Australia. Taking place in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney throughout the year, guests are blown away by the stars they the chance to see. Major names in 2019 have included Jason Momoa (Aquaman/Game of Thrones) and Jenna Coleman (Dr. Who).

Comic Con Africa – Comic Con Africa brought in more than 45,000 visitors, 212 exhibitors, and almost 400 media vendors for its inaugural show. Their 2019 show was the most attended of the year, and 2020 promises to be insane! You’ll find a smorgasbord of pop culture tributes and immersive experiences, like new games. 2019 guests included William Shatner (Star Trek) and Will Sliney, famed Irish comics artist.

Anime Festival Asia, Singapore – An offshoot of comics typically associated with other cons, anime conventions are growing in popularity. The Anime Festival Asia takes place throughout the year in various locations, but the main event happens in Singapore. Top guests have included Asian musical artists like Knonomi Suzuki, Mashiro Ayano, and Moso Calibration who provide the signature music for many popular anime creations.