How to Play Scratch Cards

The name of the game tells you how to play scratch cards, also known as scratch-off card of scratch-and-win card. You receive a card, and scratch away the surface to reveal the hidden symbols underneath. The right combination of symbols can make you a scratch cards winner.

Playing Online Scratch Cards

In order to initiate a game of online Scratch Cards, you must place a wager by clicking on the Plus or Minus button of the Coin Selector. Once you have placed your scratch cards wager, there are two steps to playing scratch cards. 
Step one: Click the New Card button. You will see a scratch card with the All Slots Casino logo on it. 

Step two: Scratch away the surface of the scratch card to reveal the hidden symbols. There are two ways to do this. You can use your mouse pointer to virtually "scratch" the card. Many people consider this way to be more fun, because it allows the suspense to build as you reveal the symbols one at a time and root for a winning combination to appear. 

The other way is to click the Show Card button. This is the quick and efficient way, as it scratches the entire card. 

Either way you choose to scratch your online scratchcard, the result is that the All Slots Casino logo will be scratched off, and you will see six boxes on the card with symbols like 1X, 10X, or 50X in each one.

How to Win at Scratch Cards Online

In order to win an online Scratchcard game, you must have three of the same symbol on the card. If you win, the winning combination is highlighted on the screen. 

If you have three 1X symbols, you win your full bet. If you have three 2X symbols, you win twice your bet. If three 5X symbols are on your card, you win 5 times your wager. If three 10X symbols are on your Scratch Card, you win 10 times your betting amount. If three 20X symbols are revealed by scratching your card, you win 20 times your wager. 

The biggest win you can get in online Scratch Cards is 50 times your bet, if three 50X symbols are on your card. If you win at Scratch Cards, you win a prize equal to the amount of your bet multiplied by the value of the winning symbol.

A Simple but Fun Online Casino Game

Scratch cards is a simple online casino game, with no complicated rules or difficult strategies to remember. But that simplicity, along with the good payouts of up to 50 times your bet, is part of the appeal of playing scratch cards in the online casino. Simple but fun, with good payouts, really describes the essence of online scratch cards.