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Baccarat carries the allure and fun of blackjack but is far more accessible to the broader population in terms of actual playing as well as betting. It’s little surprise that baccarat has risen in the popularity stakes worldwide, in part because of its association as being part of a glamorous lifestyle. Despite the allure of casino meccas such as Monte Carlo and Macau, fans can enjoy live dealer baccarat without leaving the comfort of their home by registering with All Slots, the live baccarat online casino Canada prefers! In a country that thinks big and plays hard, it’s especially important for casino games to be mobile friendly. The good news is that you can play live baccarat with us on any connected device – desktop, smartphone or tablet. You can play a lot of other games too – in addition to other live dealer games such as live blackjack, live poker and live roulette, we have an extensive range of casual games and online slots which you’re welcome to explore.

Meet your online baccarat live dealer

All Slots has a winning solution for baccarat fans who want the genuine experience without having to leave home. With us, you can enjoy the authentic ambiance of the legendary card game with eight real decks dealt from a shoe by an online baccarat live dealer. Camera-trained, friendly, courteous, knowledgable, and maybe a little playful, your dealer is the key to enjoying the game – and if you’re a novice, don’t be shy to ask your dealer any questions you might have: your pleasure is our only objective!

How to play live casino baccarat

Baccarat is a simple game between the player and the dealer, known in baccarat as the banker. First the player has to bet on which hand will win – the so-called Player Hand or the Banker Hand – or whether it will be a tie. Then they both get two cards each. If the player or banker’s hand has a baccarat value below 5, then they get a third card, after which the cards are revealed to determine the outcome of the bet. The winner is determined by whoever’s hand is closest to 9, unless the scores are tied.

 How are the cards added up? This is the number one rule of baccarat: the 10s and face cards are worth 0, while the other cards have face value. So if your hand is a Queen, 10 and 7, for example, the hand total is 7 and your final score is 7. A 2 and a 7, on the other hand, will score 9. A baccarat hand is another name for a zero hand, because the word “baccarat” originally meant “zero” in a now forgotten dialect.

Live baccarat Canada style

At All Slots, our live baccarat is very much like the genuine Macau casino experience in terms of atmosphere and ambiance, right down to the beanshaped table, but in some respects it outdoes Macau, especially in terms of convenience. Being able to play anywhere you like at any time makes a huge difference, especially when it’s backed up by the sort of quality supplied by Evolution Gaming, our live casino partners. We picked them because they’re the best in the business, with a stack of industry awards to prove it, but we suggest you put the product to the test yourself. You’ll discover that the action is all streamed live in full HD quality, with multiple cameras bringing you the action from every angle. The slick, player-friendly interface gives you tools that you can’t access in a bricks and mortar casino, such as plenty of baccarat road maps that you can use to help you pinpoint trends. Ultimately, it’s live baccarat Canada style – relaxed, courteous, good humoured and above all fun.

Insights into outcomes

While live baccarat is largely a game of chance, experienced gamers enjoy the thrill of attempting to reduce the baccarat odds by tracking the hands dealt and, with the aid of a road map (really a statistical scoreboard), make calculated guesses about which cards are most likely to be dealt next.

Players can use a bead plate to track the results of the most recent rounds, noting the number of ties, player wins and banker wins.

Players are also able to detect trends by using the Big Road scoreboard which enables them to plot the recent wins. The Big Road can be combined with the Big Eye Boy roadmap to reveal insights into outcomes as well as tracking winning or losing patterns. Other roadmaps used by players are the Small Road and Cockroach Pig, which are derived from the Big Eye Boy and Small Road roadmaps.

Plenty of options for live dealer baccarat  play

Players who enjoy their action super-fast will enjoy trying their hand at Live Speed Baccarat, with cards dealt face up to power through rounds in under 30 seconds – 27 ticks of the clock, to be exact.

If you prefer the action to be drawn out a tad more then Live Baccarat Squeeze is likely to be your bundle, as the time-honoured baccarat ritual squeeze tantalises players as the winning hand is turned over one card at a time to reveal the winner.

If that doesn’t hit the spot then test your nerves against the famous Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, which puts the squeeze in the player’s hands. Ingenious technological innovations from Evolution Gaming have made this seemingly impossible squeeze possible to perform online, as the cards are laid out by the online baccarat live dealer on a custom-made glass inset on the table with sophisticated cameras beneath. This enables the slow onscreen reveal of each card through clicking or tapping.

Bets and payouts

Betting on baccarat centres around the player hand, the banker hand and the tie. There are even-money payouts for bets on a player hand. The banker’s hand is said to be a better bet statistically, which is why the house usually takes a commission. Bet on a tie and you stand to rake in 8 to 1 in the rare event that the cards stack up evenly.

You can spice things up with side bets, such as anyone hitting a pair (payout 11:1) or a perfect pair, which pays out 25:1 when two identical cards are dealt. Then there’s the 200:1 bonanza if the banker and player both draw the same cards.

If you win by at least 4 points holding a natural 8 or 9 then a Player Bonus or Banker Bonus will pay you up to 30:1.

FAQs: All about the live casino baccarat experience

Read below for answers to all your questions about playing live baccarat online with All Slots Casino.

Q: Where can I play live casino baccarat?

A: Established online casinos such as All Slots offer the ultimate live casino baccarat experience as their games have been designed and supplied by the award-winning Evolution Gaming company.

Q: How safe is it to play live casino baccarat?

A: Not only does All Slots Casino carry the eCOGRA Seal of Approval, which certifies safe, fair, transparent gaming outcomes, but we are also licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This ensures a safe environment in which to play live casino baccarat, with top-level security systems in place to ensure complete confidentiality of your personal and financial details.

Q: The safest bet…

A: They say the house always wins… but that’s in your favour, as you’re allowed to bet on the banker in baccarat. Your money is safest when you side with the banker, as the odds are in favour of the banker hitting closest to nine… although you’ll need to pay a commission to the house if you win with a banker bet.

Q: I wouldn’t bet on…

A: The odds are stacked against you if you’re betting on a tie.

Q: Baccarat… chance or skill?

A: Baccarat is purely a game of chance. It is said that you can potentially improve your odds if you study the baccarat road maps to catch the trends and patterns to guide your bets, but there is no scientific evidence for this. However using road maps does contribute greatly to the enjoyment of the game!

Q: The best hand is…

A: When your hand hits 9 you’ve nailed it. Can’t improve on that.

Q: A ‘natural’ hand is…

A: In live casino baccarat, if the first hand you are dealt has a value of 8 or 9 it’s called a natural and is an instant winner of that hand. Unless, of course, your opponent matches your 8 or 9, of if your ‘natural’ is an 8 and theirs is a 9.

Q: How does live casino baccarat work?

A: If you’re looking to enjoy live baccarat Canada has plenty of options from which to choose. One of the leading global suppliers of online casino entertainment, All Slots requires players to register as members to gain access to hundreds of casino games, and they offer a special Welcome Bonus that matches new members’ first three deposits (up to a maximum of $500 per deposit) during their first week as a member.