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When it comes to live blackjack online Canada has never had it so good. The very latest variations on live dealer blackjack are ready to be played at All Slots Casino – along with the tried, tested and trusted classic variations, of course. Developed by our live casino partner, Evolution Gaming, our live blackjack game is the fastest game in Canada, and it’s the slickest too. Take your virtual seat and try to build a hand closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand! Expect a gaming experience packed with rich features that really bring the game alive. Streaming HD technology transports the player to a real blackjack table where a real-life dealer waits to deal out real cards as well as friendly, professional chat and, if necessary, assistance. That’s just the start – when you explore the special features of live blackjack online at All Slots, you’ll see there’s a lot more to explore!

The live blackjack online Canada demands

Canada demands best-in-class live blackjack and that’s just what Canadian players can expect from All Slots – in spades! Frequently dubbed the king of card games, blackjack is simple to learn, fun to play and full of challenges and surprises. The suspense, the anticipation while waiting for the cards to be revealed are an essential part of the mix, and this sensation has to be experienced live. That’s why live blackjack works so well – it is live, but it’s also on your smartphone, tablet or reliable old desktop – whatever works best for you! Evolution Gaming has made it possible for players to take a place at a live blackjack table anytime, anywhere, just as long as they have an internet connection. The player’s needs come first, and one of those needs is variety. If more is better, then we’re glad to boast we have the most live blackjack tables for you to play at – you won’t find a better selection anywhere.

How many types of live blackjack can I play?

It’s hard to keep up with Evolution Gaming – they just keep adding to the variety of their live dealer games! – but let’s take a look at some of the more popular types of live blackjack that this ground-breaking company provides. We begin with standard live blackjack – except “standard” isn’t quite the right word to describe this endlessly entertaining set-up, which comes complete with optional bets like Insurance, Double Down and Split Pair, as well as extra options like 21 + 3 and Perfect Pairs blackjack table side bets. Other standard features include initial decision, Bet Behind and the “deal now” button. A wide range of tables from low stakes to VIP ensures that live blackjack caters to the needs of all player types.

For some players, speed is of the essence. To meet that need for speed, Evolution Gaming developed Speed Blackjack – it’s standard live blackjack with a twist, which is that the dealing order changes. First, the cards are dealt out two per player as normal. Then, every player can make the decision to Hit, Double Down or Split at the same time. Not having to wait for everyone to make up their mind really speeds things up – and the fastest player is rewarded by being the first to receive their next card.

For something completely different, Infinite Blackjack moves away from the standard seven-seater table to a universe of unlimited, that is to say infinite, seats. The bet limits are low and the chances to win are plentiful. There’s a main game where however many players show up on the day are dealt the standard two-card hand. After that, you’re free to play the hand however you want, and you can choose from four extra side bet options too. These are Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and Bust It. Also in play is the Six Card Charlie rule, which really makes things interesting. All this latitude makes Infinite Blackjack a popular choice for players waiting their turn for a seat at a seven-seat table.

Adding extra seasoning to the sauce, Free Bet Blackjack is like Infinite Blackjack except that players also get free Double Down Bets when their two-card has a hard value of 9, 10 or 11. Split bets are free except on the 10, Jack, Queen and King. Qualifying hands are offered free bets automatically – the player doesn’t have to do anything.

Live Blackjack FAQs

Live blackjack is an inexhaustible source of fun, entertainment – and questions. Here are some of the questions players frequently ask.

Q: How do I play live blackjack?

A: To play live blackjack, you need an All Slots Casino account. Just register – it’s painless – and log into your casino account with your username and password. Then find the live dealer lobby and join a live blackjack table.

Q: Is it safe to play live blackjack online?

A: All Slots Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and approved with the eCOGRA Seal of Approval. What this means is that with us, you can play live blackjack in complete confidence that your personal and financial details are completely secure at all times.

Q: Can I get a casino bonus playing live blackjack?

A: Whether you play live blackjack or any of the hundreds of other casino games you can play at All Slots, if you sign up as a member for the first time, you are automatically entitled to our complimentary Welcome Bonus of up to $1500. Make an initial deposit and we will match it 100% up to a limit of $500, and you can do this again twice in your first week for a total potential bonus of $1500 to play on any games you choose.

Q: What is a side bet in live blackjack?

A: A side bet is when you place an extra wager on the wide of your regular bet.

Q: What is an Any Pair side bet?

A: An Any Pair side bet is one that pays out whenever the first two cards of the player’s hand form a pair.

Q: What is a 21+3 side bet?

A: With a 21+3 side bet, the aim is to form various combinations with the dealer’s up card and the first two cards in the player’s hand.

Q: How does a Hot 3 side bet pay out?

A: A Hot 3 bet pays out if the player’s first two cards forms certain combinations adding up to 19, 20 and 21 with the dealer’s up card. The top Hot 3 pay-out is 7-7-7.

Q: How do I win a Bust It side bet?

A: This one depends on how good, or rather how bad, the dealer’s hand is – the more cards in the dealer’s hand when they go bust, the more a Bust It side bet pays out.

Q: What is a Perfect Pair in blackjack?

A: To a win Perfect Pairs side bet, you need to bet that the first two cards you are dealt will be a Mixed, Coloured or Perfect Pair. A successful Perfect Pairs blackjack table side bet is when you get two cards of the same rank and suit - it pays out at 30:1.

Q: What is the 5 card rule?

A: Also known as Five Card Charlie, the 5 card card rules stipulates that a player who achieves a hand of 5 cards with a value below 21 beats the dealer. The Six Card Charlie rule works the same way, only with 6 cards – slightly more difficult to achieve! Some games have a Seven, Eight, Nine or even Ten Card Charlie rule.

Q: What is the Bet Behind feature in live blackjack?

A: One of the major advantages that live blackjack has over other varieties is the sheer quantity of extra features that come with the game. The purpose is not only to streamline the player experience but to add unique betting opportunities for the player to explore. One important feature that makes like blackjack stand out from the rest is Bet Behind, designed to give players something to do while they’re waiting and give more players the chance to bet on the same game. Typically, players will have to wait their turn for a place at a seven-seat table, so Bet Behind lets you bet on the hands of players who are already at the table.