Play Real Live Online Poker

If poker’s your game and you’re looking for a true-to-life poker experience without having to travel to find it, welcome to All Slots, the live poker casino Canada is discovering to be the best in the Great North. Many a hand of poker was played in the old days when Canada buzzed with the news of one gold rush after another, and maybe something of that spirit lingers in the game even today. At any rate, poker remains a game that calls for a cool, calm and calculated approach. It’s one game where you really need to know how the game works if you want to beat the dealer – because that’s the person who you’ve got to beat. Under live poker rules, instead of trying to beat other players, the focus of your intention is the live dealer. That’s because, for all the technical wizardry employed by our award-winning live casino partners, Evolution Gaming, they still haven’t solved the problem of how to accommodate a physical body at a table in virtual space. So they’ve done the next best thing – or the better thing, depending how you look at it. They have created a compelling live dealer poker game that allows any number of players to play live poker online against a real-life dealer. 

Online poker vs live poker 

What’s the difference between online poker and live poker? It can be a bit confusing – after all, they’re both played online – but the real difference is that with old-school online poker, you’re essentially playing against a ‘bot. It’s a purely random affair – a numbers game, if you will. Many people like it, but players who appreciate human interaction are more likely to prefer live poker – especially the kind we’ve got to offer. That’s because our live dealers are real professionals, specially trained to be chatty, witty, helpful and personable in front of a potentially unlimited audience of players. Canadians are sociable people, which is why players are discovering that we supply the kind of live poker Canada can get behind. 

Connecting you with your friendly dealer is our slick and streamlined player interface. It’s got everything you need for a terrific gaming experience, from multiple different views to a chat function you can use to interact with other players as well as the dealer.

Get world-class Live Poker Events at home in Canada

To get the most out of live poker, it’s advisable to become familiar with the different tables available in our live casino. There are low-stakes tables for beginners, VIP tables for the high rollers, and tables for everyone else in between. Another consideration is the style of play you prefer – the type of poker, if you like. From 3 Card Poker, to Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker and more, you’re bound to find a variant that suits your style.

Most players start with Live Hold’em, which has the same rules as the legendary game of Texas Hold’em except you don’t play against other players, just the dealer. At the same time, there’s no limit to the amount of players who can join a Live Hold’em table, which is quite interesting, if you think about it. Every so often, a player at one of our Live Hold’em tables may win the Progressive Jumbo 7 Jackpot by playing by playing a 7 Card Straight Flush. The Jumbo 7 Jackpot is the biggest progressive jackpot you’ll find in live poker anywhere in the world, by the way. 

Then there’s Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The idea is to build a hand of five cards that beats the dealer’s hand. The interesting part is that players have to make equal equal Ante and Blind bets – before the Flop, the River, and before the dealer shows their cards. (If you’re not sure what those words mean, please refer to the FAQ section below.)

Some players like their games fast and simple, and that’s quite okay. A good choice for beginners, in Live Three Card Poker you get only three cards for a game that’s quick but fun. For added interest, the optional Pair Plus and Six Card Bonus bets offer potential wins of up to 1000:1. 

Online Live Poker Canada FAQs 

Gambling is an activity packed with rules, regulations and etiquette, so it’s good to be fully-versed in the do’s and don’ts before you hook onto the world of live poker as a Canadian. Before you even think of holding or folding, have a quick run through our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Q: Must I put my money where my mouth is with live poker? 

A: You can enjoy all the fun and entertainment of gambling at All Slots Casino without betting real money, but you have the option to wager with actual money. 

Q: Is playing live poker legal in Canada? 

A: Canadians are allowed to place online bets and to take part in online gambling games and activities, although it is illegal to operate a web-based casino from any parts of Canada. All Slots Casino is not based in Canada, carries the eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) Seal of Approval and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority as well as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. 

Q: How do I know if I’ve hit the best poker hand?

A: You’ll want to keep a straight face when you sneak a peak at your cards and see the royal family looking up at you: 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace… all in the same suit. They call that a Royal Flush, with a smile.

Q: Should I be worried about the Flop in poker?

A: Not at all. Texas Hold 'em, Omaha Hold 'em and other poker versions use community cards, and the first three cards that are dealt face up are called the Flop. This is a key moment in any hand of poker. 

Q: What happens if I get the River?

A: Don’t worry, you won’t be “in the river”, but there’s a good chance you could be “dealt the River” in any hand of poker, as that is what the last card dealt is called. Players get two cards face down (these are called hole cards) which only they will see, after which the next three cards dealt are all Flops, as they are dealt face up for all the players to see… and then the betting can begin as players start to think about who might have what sort of a hand. The next round of cards is called the Turn, as they are dealt face down for each player to look at in secret, after which a more intense round of betting takes place as the players’ hands start to take shape. The hand ends when the River is dealt, after which players can continue raising the stakes until the eventual showdown which will reveal who takes home the pot.

Q:How do I go about playing live online poker? 

A: As long as you’re over 19 years of age (or 18 in Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta) you can enjoy gambling at an online casino, such as All Slots Casino. All you need to do is register as a member, log in and select a live poker game to play in the live dealer section and start playing. 

Q: Is the live poker option available in a mobile casino? 

A: All Slots wants its players to have access to their favourite live dealer games anywhere, anytime, which is why all their live dealer games are optimised for mobile. You can log on with your iOS, Android or Windows device PC, smartphone or tablet – and you can even play across devices, switching from one to another while you play the same game. 

Q: I heard there are bonuses if I play live poker? 

A: Of course there are. All Slots wants to ensure newcomers get off to a flying start, which is why they will give you a no-strings-attached bonus of $1500 to help you find your feet playing live poker, or any of their other casino games. This bonus is applicable during the first week, and takes the form of All Slots matching your initial account deposits up to a maximum of $500 each for your first three deposits.