In the online casino card game, blackjack, your goal is to beat the dealer. Play by acquiring a hand with a higher point total, but without going over 21. It takes just the right combination of strategy and luck to beat the dealer and win at online blackjack for real money.

How to Play Blackjack Online

You start every online blackjack game by placing your bet. Then you receive your first two cards. If they add up to 21 - Congratulations! You have a "blackjack" and you win a 3-to-2 payout.

If you don't have a blackjack, it's time to play your hand. This is where blackjack strategy comes into play. You can "stand" with what you have, or "hit" to receive another card. You can "double down" if you have a really good hand, or "split" when you have two of a kind. With the right decisions and the right blackjack strategies as well as a little luck, you'll find that you can beat the dealer consistently and come out ahead in real money blackjack.

Online Black Jack at All Slots

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