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Best Online Slots |$1600 Welcome Bonus

Why call it All Slots Casino unless your brand is loaded with the very best Canadian online slots games? All Slots Canada features slots games in all shapes and sizes, with assorted themes, story lines and loads of special features. Play for practice or play online slots for real money. Check out some of the top Canadian online slot games.

1-Arm Bandit 3-Reel Online Slots

A hundred years ago, in the early days of slots history, the slots casino games were known as the "1-armed bandits." The "1 arm" referred to the lever you had to pull to make the reels spin around, and the "bandit" referred to the machines' propensity to take all your money. By now, the lever has been replaced by a Spin button and a Random Number Generator, and the banditry has been replaced by fair games with fair payouts monitored by independent auditors. But the legend lives on in the 1-Arm Bandit 3-reel online slot machine, featuring bullets in place of the traditional bar symbols, a bullet-ridden lucky red 7, the ornery but downright charming Bandit himself, and the sound of the Bandit's six-shooter every time you get lucky and hit a jackpot.

Polar Bash 5-Reel Online Slots

Two things that we Canadians know something about are cold weather and partying. Now you can join Mr. and Mrs. Penguin along with the polar bear, the walrus, the whale, the snowman, and other special guests for a cold-weather igloo-warming party in the Polar Bash 5-reel slot machine. Polar Bash features big jackpots, a scatter symbol, the Ice Fishing online slots bonus game and the Free Spins bonus game, and some lively party music to warm you up and get you moving to the ice-cold yet red-hot Polar Bash beat.

My Slot Customized Online Slots

Even with more than hundreds of online slot machines, it's still possible that All Slots does not yet have an online slot game devoted to YOUR family, YOUR hometown, or YOUR favourite sport or hobby. Well, there's no need to wait. You can take matters into your own hands and create your own slot machine game with My Slot customized online slots. Just click on the game, and the easy-to-follow directions will instruct you on how to upload your own pictures and your own music to create your own personalized online slot machine. The end result will be a real online slot game, with a scatter symbol, a wild symbol, and real payouts, all based on your uploaded images and music.

Mega Moolah Progressive Online Slots

You can't get any farther away from Canada than an African safari. And yet, Mega Moolah, set in the African savannah, has proven to be one of the most popular online progressive slots games among Canadian players. Perhaps it's because Mega Moolah has paid out the biggest real-money jackpot of any game in online casino slots history. Or perhaps it's because Canadians can't resist playing online slots with the monkey, the lion, the zebra, the giraffe, the buffalo, and the kudu. Whatever the reason, Mega Moolah is definitely a top Canadian progressive online slot machine.

Play Canadian Online Slots at All Slots

This has been just a small sample of the hundreds of Canadian online slots available for your online gambling pleasure at All Slots Online Casino. All Slots has plenty of 3-reel online slot machines, plenty of 5-reel online slot machines, and plenty of progressive online slot machines. So sign up now, Canada, read the online slots review, and play lots of online slots at All Slots.

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